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caption: COMPLAINT In the opening of "trombinoscopio", instead of the usual caricature is a typographical box with the inscription: "the French Republic: liberty, equality, fraternity ... and censorship. The publication of the portrait of Mr Grévy was prohibited from censorship. it is located at all the photographers. Already the last portrait of Trombinoscope, Émile Ollivier, was prohibited; but we ask our readers not to lose heart, because everything leads us to believe that the next one will finally ... still banned. we we keep all plates rejected by the Republic, thinking well that if he returns the Empire will show us. " The satire, the subject of the monograph, was Jules Grevy (1807 - 1891) French politician, president of the Third Republic from February 16, 1871 to April 2, 1873. From "The Trombinoscope", regular political satirist Leon-Charles Bienvenu , said Touchatout (1835 -1910); Monograph No. 29, Imprimerie Vallée, Paris, March 1872

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