title: Félix Dupanloup

subject date: 2016-03-07

caption: Félix Dupanloup (1802 - 1878) Bishop of Orléans. One of his famous homily of Joan of Arc eco levied in France and England, and was important in promoting the canonization French heroine. Member of the Académie française in 1854, a moderate Catholic, assumed the position of antinfallibilista the First Vatican Council; It was a major figure of the French company. In the illustration he plays the bass drum of Christian humility, and peace to men of good will. Caricature of Georges Lafosse (1844-1880) from "The Trombinoscope" political satirical magazine of Léon-Charles Bienvenu, said Touchatout (1835 -1910); Monograph No. 21, Paris, XIX century

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