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title: Louis de Montfort

subject date: 2016-03-05

caption: Blessed Louis Marie GRIGNION de Montfort (January 31, 1673 - April 28, 1716) teaches children. French priest, founder of the Company of Mary and of the Daughters of Wisdom, was beatified on January 22, 1888 by Leo XIII and canonized on July 20, 1947 by Pius XII; on February 9, 2000, John Paul II opened a lawsuit for his proclamation as a Doctor of the Church. Recurrence April 28. Chromolithographic image with a fragment of a cloth relic, Belgium, late 19th century

category: HIS

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country: Francia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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continent: Europa

image century : XIX

image epoch: Ottocento

subject century: XVIII

subject epoch: Settecento

technique: Cromolitografia

id: 38804

file name: FSNgilardi_70669.jpg


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