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subject date: 2016-01-31

caption: CRAFTS illustration of Carlo Nicco (1883-1937) for the novel "The story of the little glazier" Olimpia De Gaspari: "I had become knocked knees and hid his face"; the young protagonist despairs on his deathbed of her little brother, while the priest approaches for imparting extreme sacrament. It is a heartbreaking story of misery: hoping to give their children a better future, a fisherman from grace entrusts her two children to a French smuggler without scruples, who promises to use them in its glassware. The two boys, however, are ruthlessly exploited, so that soon one gets sick and dies. The other can luckily escaped and returned to Italy. Publisher Pearson, Turin, 1934.

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Nicco C.mistreatmentpriestprieststolen childhoodvictimvictimsOlimpia De GaspariCarlo Niccodeathmiseryexploitationindustrychild laboroccupational diseaseglassO. De GaspariItalyemigrantsemigrationtorturesorrowseparationtrafficking of childrencomes to childrenpopular novelfictionchildhoodliteraturechild exploitationworkingKingdom of Italy

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