MEXICO View of Tenochtitlan the current Mexico City the ancient Aztec capital destroyed by Hernan Cortes in 1521. Color Plate from The Ancient and Modern Costume of All Nations by Giulio Ferrario 1767 1847 engraved by F. Fumagalli . Italy 1819 1820



subject date: 2014-06-11

caption: MEXICO View of Tenochtitlan, the current Mexico City, the ancient Aztec capital destroyed by Hernan Cortes in 1521. Color Plate from 'The Ancient and Modern Costume of All Nations' by Giulio Ferrario (1767-1847), engraved by F. Fumagalli . Italy, 1819-1820

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country: Messico

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continent: America Centrale

image century : XIX

image epoch: Ottocento

subject century: XVI

subject epoch: Colonialismo

technique: Incisione

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file name: FSNgilardi_68344.jpg


Americaspiralstepsscaleflight of stepsAztecsMotecuhzoma XocoyotzinMontezuma IIFumagalli F.pre-Columbian civilizationstempleAztecarchitecturemonumentviews of the citypyramidMexicoTenochtitlanMexico CityCortés H.Hernan CortesHernan CortezHernan CortesH. CortezSpaincolonialism

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