subject date: 2002-09-27

caption: Simone II° BASCHENIS (1490/1555), son of Cristoforo II°, is considered the piu'qualificato affreschista of all the dynasty. Realized Danza macabra from Simone Baschenis in 1519 represents the medieval topic of the dead women who ago justice of the things terrene, cancelling rich and poor, powerful and humble the differences between. In the dance braces of personages of various social rank are ollowed, accompanied from allusive sarcastici backs in rhyme the dead women. The committenza of these paintings, actions to satisfy the social availed again one of the poor mountain dwellers towards the powerful ones, is from attributing itself to the Confraternite of the Chopped ingredients. The Prologo represents three skeletons that sound cornamusa and bomb dropping gears and the written one: “I son the dead women who port crown, sonte mrs. de ognia person”. Danza Macabra in the disposition of the protagonists reflects the rigid hierarchy of the medieval society (the noble ones precedes the “Common Men”) and the clean distinction between ecclesiastics and laici. The theory of the figures, moreover, proceeds here also for braces, ognuna of which formed from an alive personage, introduced with the characteristics of its social position, held for hand from own skeleton that, with a ghigno, invites it to participate to the dance. Photography of Fat Giuliano

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