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caption: Gaspard HAUSER, the mysterious'Orphan of Europa'a 16 years approximately, so as May 1828 appeared for the first time to Nuremberg 26. Portrait from popular publication, 1828. Its history inspired various writers of the age between which Paul Verlaine who to he dedicated these backs (from poema the Wisdom):'I have come, calm orfanello, /ricco only of my calm look, /verso the men of the great cities: /non they have found to me scaltro. /Troppo soon are born, or too much late? /What I am making this world? /Oh all you, my pain are deep: /pregate for the poor Kaspar!'The boy was found again 26 May 1828 to Nuremberg mysteriously, already grown but raised from someone in wild way. He was assassinated by disowned five years after. It is not itself never uncovered which it was its true identity: if a foundling any or the hereditary prince of Baden.

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