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Città del Vaticano


subject date: 2009-10-06

caption: WHO BLESSED POPE XIII Vincenzo M. Orsini, been born to Rome, which elected in 1724, died in 1730. During its reggenza he instituted Concilio Romano in Saint Giovanni in Laterano. Portrait, recording of gerolamo Rossi from painting of Peter Leone Ghezzi

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country: Città del Vaticano

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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continent: Europa

image century : XVIII

image epoch: vuoto

subject century: XVIII

subject epoch: vuoto

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Benedict XIIIChurchPopeOrsini V.M.CatholicismreligionportraitPonteficeJacobinsParthenopean RepublicItalian CampaignNeapolitan RepublicEighteenth century

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