subject date: 2008-05-30

caption: BRAZIL indios, Botocudos man. Nomadic population of hunters and warriors, in the outskirtses of Rio Belmonte. Illustrated table gives:'Social, political and religious Uses and customs of all polulate of the world; from authentic documents and the travels better and more recent than N. Dally. University professor of geography and history of the Asian society of Paris. Translation of Luigi Cibrario, Edition Printing plant Fontana, Torino 1846.

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BrazilIndiansBeautyanthropologyBotocudosl Rio BelmonteDally N.Cibrario L.Latin AmericadeformationRio BelmonteAmazonNative Americancultural anthropologyEthnographyethnologytraditiontraditionsnomadscustomjewelrypiercingSouth America

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