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caption: SHIPS Urania, born from the shipyards of San Rocco Muggia Hungaria in 1916 as the Lloyd of Trieste, in 1923 it passed to the Italian Maritime Company based in Genoa, the name by which it was renamed in 1933 he returned to his first owner, with the new name of Urania. In 1935 it was requisitioned by the Royal Navy to be used as a "patient transport ship", subtly different from the definition of "hospital ship", which would not allow her to bring troops and supplies in round trips to Eritrea and Somalia, where he embarked really sick and wounded for repatriation. In 1936, the Urania was derequisita and returned to the owners. Italy's entry into World War II was therefore to Massawa with civilian tasks; remained locked in Eritrea along with other merchant, with whom he shared the fate dell'autoaffondamento not to surrender to the enemy. In the picture the steamer 'Urania' in the port of Taranto, in the years following 1933.

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