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subject date: 2000-03-08

caption: William SHAKESPEARE (1564-1616) Portrait of the English poet and playwright, considered one of the greatest writers of all time and country. Electronic processing with pixel effect crystallizes from the engraving by Martin Droeshout for the first edition of the collection of works, published in 1623

category: HIS

copyright: © Fototeca Gilardi

copyright status: Copyrighted Work

country: Regno Unito

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

instructions: Per utilizzi: Fototeca Gilardi - t. 02 3931 2652

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object name: 46272

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multiplying price: 1.00

pricing: default

continent: Europa

image century : XXI

image epoch: Contemporaneo

subject century: XVI

subject epoch: Rinascimento

technique: Computergrafica

id: 16134

file name: FSNgilardi_46272.jpg


Shakespeare WtheatreGreat BritainDroeshout M.portraitShakespeare W.dramatistpoetrypoetliteraturewriterEnglandrenaissance

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