LUNCH of a medioevale gentleman served from two waiters porge a wine goblet the other is cutting bubbled birds. Analogous miniature to Andrea Bonaiuti from the intemperance of signori di the Ser Zuccher Bencivenni volgarizzazione of the Pater Noster. Florence National Library.

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subject date: 2007-04-27

caption: LUNCH of a medioevale gentleman, served from two waiters: porge a wine goblet, the other is cutting bubbled birds. Analogous miniature to Andrea Bonaiuti, from'the intemperance of signori'di the Ser Zuccher Bencivenni; volgarizzazione of the Pater Noster. Florence, National Library.

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continent: Europa

image century : XIV

image epoch: Medioevo

subject century: XIV

subject epoch: Medioevo

technique: Miniatura

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lunchfeedingtableMiddle AgesservitorecustomapparelwaitergobletwinebirdschickengameBonaiuti To.Bencivenni Z.domestic servantsdaily lifeservitudewaitersmeattoolskitchenrestedMiddle Ages

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