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subject date: 2003-07-25

caption: LIBERATA SAINT Which venerated in Spain, Italy and Europe of the North. According to the Italian legend she is the daughter of a nobleman of Moncenisio received in the Monastero of the Bendettine to Como from Vesc. S. died Agrippino and in the 580. The Nordic legend wants daughter to it of a king pays of the Portugal forced from the father to the wedding; having it refused them miraculously would have grown the beard. It was hung for scherno by the father to the cross in a rough one saio. Festivity 18 January. Cromolitografica Immaginetta, Milan 1901.

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city: Europa

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continent: Europa

image century : XX

image epoch: Paleocristiano

subject century: VI

subject epoch: Paleocristiano

technique: Cromolitografia

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