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caption: FASCISMO "As it began in Orbetello the flight of the twelve seaplanes to Brazil. At the head of the flock is the aircraft piloted by the gen. Italo Balbo Minister of the Air Force and commander of the cruise". The departure for the Transatlantic Air Cruise, made from 17 December 1930 to 15 January 1931 on a 10.400 km itinerary: departure from Orbetello (GR), Cartagena, Kenitra, V. Cisneros, Bolama, Porto Natal, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro for the raid to Brazil. Drawing by Achille Beltrame (19 March 1871 - 19 February 1945) for the cover of "La Domenica del Corriere". Milan, December 28, 1930

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