subject date: 2008-12-15

caption: SAINT LEONARDO of Noblac (496 ca –559) French saint, patron saint of the sick, pregnant women and prisoners (often depicted holding chains). Patron of Conegliano Veneto (TV) is celebrated on 6 November; it is also venerated in Campobasso as part of the Mysteries parades on Corpus Domini day. The mystery dedicated to him is called 'The Mystery of San Leonardo', its symbolic meaning is the importance of defending the innocent. Devotional image, 19th century chromolithography

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Saint LeonardoNoblacpatronprotectingsickparturieenprisonerschainssymbolsattributesCampobassoCatholicismreligionsickprotectionjailprisonerprisonerprisonmysteryreligious ritualsConeglianoMiddle Ages

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