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subject date: 2003-03-10

caption: ASTRONOMY Allegoria of Astronomy with astrologer and Ptolemy studies the celestial sphere. Colorful recording of and. Schon 1515.

category: HIS

copyright: © Fototeca Gilardi

copyright status: Copyrighted Work

country: Italia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

instructions: Per utilizzi: Fototeca Gilardi - t. 02 3931 2652

file date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

priority: 0

multiplying price: 1.00

pricing: default

continent: Europa

image century : XVI

image epoch: Rinascimento

subject century: XVI

subject epoch: Rinascimento

technique: vuoto

id: 15798

file name: FSNgilardi_4348.jpg


astrologyPtolemyglobesphereSchon and.universeastronomyrenaissance

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