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subject date: 2000-01-11

caption: SOUTH AND MAGIC Ernesto de Martino (1 December 1908 - 9 May 1965), ethnologist and anthropologist and professors Emilio Servadio (14 August 1904 - 18 January 1995), esotericist, parapsychologist and journalist, and Romano Calisi (May 4, 1931 - May 20 1975) anthropologist and expert in mass media, listen to the recording of the story of an episode of magic together with the protagonist, during the investigation conducted from May 15 to June 4, 1957 in Lucania, described in the book 'Sud e Magia' . Photograph by Ando Gilardi (1921-2012) #andogilardi, photographer of the team. Lucania 1957

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E. De MartinoErnesto De MartinoServadio E.Emilio ServadioCalisi R.Romano Calisiethnologyanthropologyrecordercultural anthropologypost-war periodesotericismparanormaltape recorderreel to reel recordersearchmaternitymotherchildstudy

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