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subject date: 2005-07-13

caption: AVIATION "The dramas of the air: Orville Wright and the American lieutenant Selfridge fall with the airplane from thirty meters of height". Due to a sudden failure of the propeller, on September 17 the apparatus on which the two flight pioneers carried out experiments for the US Signal Corps precipitates. Wright (19 August 1871 - 30 January 1948) reports serious injuries and a broken leg, while his most unfortunate flight companion dies in the tragic accident: Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge (8 February 1882 - 17 September 1908) is the first victim in the history of motor aviation. Drawing by Achille Beltrame (19 March 1871 - 19 February 1945) for the IV cover of "La Domenica del Corriere". Milan, 27 September - 4 October 1908

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