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title: THE DOGES OF VENICE, YEARS 942 - 991

subject date: 2006-06-26

caption: VENICE and its 120 Doges - Years 942-991. Pietro Candiano III (? - 959), 21st Doge of the Republic of Venice from 942, deposed in 959. Pietro Candiano IV (? - 976), 22nd Doge from 959 to 976. Pietro Orseolo (928 - 987), 23rd Doge from 976 to 1/9/978, when he abdicated and retired to monastic life. Vitale Candiano (c. 940 - 1018), 24th Doge from 978 to the abdication of 979. Tribuno Memmo (? - 991), 25th Doge from 20/1/1368 to 5/6/1382. In the background: the Doge's Palace, rebuilt in 976 by Doge Pietro Orseolo. Post card no. 5 of a chromolithographic series, Venice circa 1904.

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VeniceVenetian RepublicDogiCandiano P.Pietro III CandianoPietro IV CandianoOrseolo P.Pietro I OrseoloSan Pietro OrseoloVitale CandianoCandiano V.Memmo T.Menio T.Tribuno MemioMemmo Tribunebuildingcity u200bu200bviewsMiddle AgesVeniceVenetoMaritime RepublicsVenetian RepublicRepublic of VeniceRepublic of San MarcoSerenissimaDogeMonsignor el DoxeMost Serene PrinceYour Serenityelected officehead of statesovereignVenetian patriciandogepostcardcollectingItalyTwentieth CenturyBeautiful EpoqueItalypre-unification statescoat of armsheraldryportrait

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