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subject date: 2006-09-14

caption: William SHAKESPEARE (1564-1616) Hamlet in the cemetery, after the digging of Yorick's skull by the gravedigger who digs the grave for Ophelia, confides in his friend: "... I met him, Horace, a whimsical type and full of exquisite gimmicks ". (Hamlet, Act V, Scene I, 1601). Illustration by Harold Copping (25 August 1863 - 1 July 1932), from the "Shakespeare" series for Raphael Tuck & Sons; chromolithograph, London around 1890.

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city: Europa

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W. ShakespeareHamletcemeteryHoraceskullYorickskullbonesCopping H.literatureEnglandGreat BritaintheaterdramadeathBaroquememento mori

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