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caption: The transatlantic SHIPS 'Conte Biancamano' in front of the harbor. Built in the Scottish shipyards of William Beardmore & C for the shipping company line Genoese Lloyd Savoy, was launched in 1925 and intended for luxury cruises on routes to North America. Shared the fate of the ships contemporary, flowing in the Italian Navigation, and then participating in the transport of troops and equipment to the preparation of the War of Ethiopia. The Second World War took him in the Panamanian port of Cristobal, where he was seized by the United States, modified and used extensively throughout the war period as the USS Hermitage (AP-54) for the transport of troops and the return of injured and prisoners. Returning to Italy after the war, he was again subjected to work in the shipyard in Monfalcone to resume in 1949, the original name in line with routes from Genoa to destinations oltreoceaniche. Genoa, years 1950-1955

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