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subject date: 2006-09-01

caption: AROLDO II of England (Harold Godwinson of Wessex, ca 1022 - October 14, 1066), crowned second and last Saxon king of England in Westminster Abbey, after the death of Edward the Confessor; his reign lasted from 5 January to 14 October 1066, when he died in the battle of Hastings defending the throne from the Duke of Normandy William II, who came from across the Channel to claim his legitimacy in the succession to Edward. After the victory the Duke was in turn crowned King of England like William I, known as William the Conqueror, imposing the Norman dynasty on England. Detail from the Bayeux tapestry, embroidery on canvas that tells in images the events of the conquest of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom by the Normans, 11th century

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Aroldo IIHarold GodwinsonHarold GodƿinsonWessexKingEnglandNormanHastingsBayeuxtapestryceremonycoronationthroneAbbeyWestminsterMiddle Agesglobescepterswordsovereigntapestry of Queen Matildabayeux tapestryTelle du ConquestEmbroideryUNESCOWorld Memory RegisterNorman conquest of England

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